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Journey back to your body, your wisdom, your power.



Sacred Temple Massage

A healing and spiritual massage rooted in Huna, the ancient spiritual wisdom system of Hawaii.

This is much more than a beautiful massage. It is a healing journey to the heart to remember the sacredness of your own being and restore harmony in body, mind and soul. Sacred Temple Massage is a ceremony. It involves energy work, shamanic clearing, spirit guides work, ritual, intentions and prayers.


A deeply profound therapeutic process using guided visualisation to overcome limiting emotions, beliefs and decisions that are holding you back from experiencing more love, passion and creativity in your life.

Restore a sense of security, safety and personal empowering in your everyday life. With more relisience and trust in the universe, it becomes easier for you nurture a wholesome relationship with yourSelf and the challenges that life may bring.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Holistic Therapy is a way of approaching life from a place of curiosity, exploration and discovery. It doesn't assume that the point of frustration is the issue to be solved. It asks questions to uncover the underlying issues and defines the root cause so that positive learning can be instilled, and the rest can be released.

We will work towards an intimate exploration of what it is you want & how it is you want to feel, including embodiment practices, self-inquiry, movement, breath, meditations, womb wisdom, hypnotherapy, NLP, spiritual guidance counselling & empowerment, to guide you back towards a deep trust & connection to your body’s innate wisdom, pleasure, feminine essence, sensuality, cycles, your flow, & your creativity.

Coming Soon
Feminine Embodiment Coachng

Inspired by ancient wisdom from all over the world, we connect to the Earth, to each other and to the higher consciousness that resides within and all around us. Knowing ourselves, remembering who we really are and being aware of the beauty, power and potential that lie within us, we learn to express ourselves in the most authentic way and follow the path of the heart for a fulfilled, joyful and purposeful life. 

Together we will formulate the perfect blend of essentail oils to infuse life with a sense of sacred, spiritual and infinite well-being, so that you can transform your routines into rituals and submerse into loving self care.

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