7 Simple Rituals to Inspire Healing Conversations with Your Womb

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The womb is a gateway, a portal, for everything to enter you, and for everything to leave you. The following rituals are an invitation to deepen your connection with your womb space so that you can open to the guidance of all that is moving within.

Science is now discovering that we have more neurons firing in our belly than in our brains. There are in fact 72,000 nerve endings in our bellies, as opposed to 50,000 in the brain. This empirically shows that there is great value in investing time and energy into learning to listen, feel and translate the messages of our gut and womb.

As we begin to delve deeper into our relationship with our womb, not only as an organ that serves a physical purpose but as an energetic and spiritual centre, we unveil a conversation of womanly discernment, clarity and intuition. Whether it is the whisper of our inner voice or a deep groan from our primordial roots, our womb is communicating with us all of the time.

The way of the womb is for the woman who wants to be totally empowered as a woman, manifesting her soul mission and being able to have intimate, fulfilling sacred relationships, actively participating and engaging fully in the spontaneous joy and wave of life.

The womb is an honest mirror of the soul, serving to reveal and conceal the truth. Our inner work and soulful growth rely on our willingness to explore, with curiosity her depths.

There are innumerable ways to connect to our wombs and as always I invite you to find what feels good to you. In this post, I share seven simple rituals that inspire healing conversations with your womb and a list of questions to help you dive deeper into the energies stored in your womb that may be holding you back from living with more vibrance.

The video offers a deeper conversation about your womb and was recorded as part of a LIVE sharing in my private Facebook group. It couples perfectly with the rituals in this post and offers an experiential practice to explore the wisdom that is moving in your womb space.

May they be a doorway to deep listening and much needed tender loving care.



Basic Womb Connection Ritual

Check in to see how your body is responding to touch today. If it is welcomed you may like to take your hands to your lower abdomen. Bringing the forefingers together and the tips of the thumbs together, create a triangle. Place the tip of your forefingers on top of your pelvic bone, your thumbs just underneath your navel. This triangular space helps to map where your womb is resting in your pelvic bowl. Take a moment to feel into that space.

There are a few ways you can position your body, to start I suggest sitting up, positioning yourself on your throne, centred in your power. If it is comfortable for you bring the soles of your feet together and your knees widespread, elongate your spine and rest into your sit bones.

Close your eyes, breathe down into the space underneath your hands. Focus on the flow of breath moving in and out of your womb and the space around her. Just as you would with meditation take time here to really connect with sensations of breath as it contracts and expands with your pelvic bowl.

Notice any tension, any places where you are holding, tight, stiff, feeling heavy, contracted, numb, dense, expanded, soft, loose, bloated, swollen, spacious, tender. Feel, listen, breathe.

Let your breath be an invitation to continue to soften and release.


Womb Breathing Ritual

Following the above practice, begin to shift your awareness of your breath. Instead of noticing the breath moving in and around your pelvic bowl, now start to imagine your breath drawing up and into the womb as you inhale, releasing down and out of the womb as you exhale.

You may like to draw your pelvic floor muscles up as you breathe in. Imagine that you need to go to the toilet and you are clenching to stop yourself, that is the sensation of activating your pelvic floor muscles. Clench or tighten your pelvic floor muscle as you breathe in, soften and release them as you breathe out. Connect this rhythm of tightening and releasing with your breath as you imagine the life force drawing up and then releasing down.


Womb Toning Ritual

Have you ever heard the sounds of your womb? Yes, she has an inner voice that you can attune to, but if you allow her she also welcomes the opportunity to express herself vocally through you.

Once you have connected to your womb breath, open your mouth and allow a sound to arise spontaneously as you exhale. With each exhalation let a sound move up from your womb through you. Trust whatever sounds come out, avoid judging. Play with this for a while.

When you are ready begin to attune to the sound of your inhale. As you inhale, what sound does your womb make?

Play with these sounds, inhaling, exhaling, allowing the voice of your womb to express herself, notice what sensations arise in the rest of your body. Perhaps there are thoughts, emotions, stories, tingles, changes in temperature, tears, really notice what is moving. There is no need to label the sensation, just observe it as it moves through you.


Yoni Bathing Ritual

Laying on your back, knees spread wide and soles of your feet touching, open your womb and yoni to the sunshine. Welcome, all the vital energy of the sun inside you. Let it revitalise, nourish, warm and comfort you. Simply find a private place where you can take off your underwear and open your legs to the sun. Using the basic womb connection ritual, place your hands on your womb space and breath. Connect to the sensations of the sun and energy filling you, breath into the sun and the warmth.