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How to Hold Space for Your Sacred Self

Coming home to your Sacred Self is all about taking action in alignment with your true nature - and yes, that includes having a transformational self-care practice. Beyond bubble baths and affirmations (don't get me wrong I love both) this journey of inner work requires a deeper commitment to your relationship with Self. One where you prioritise feeling, learning, and being in your body over some of the more superficial ways of nurturing yourSelf, like pedicures, manicures and shopping sprees.

How do we guide ourselves in our own sacred practice?

When I first started a meditation practice I imagined an enlightened person, sitting contorted in lotus position, levitating two foot off the ground... talk about an unrealistic expectation and one that would set me up for disappointment!

I have since come to realise that there are more ways to connect to our sacred self then there are humans on this planet and the journey in finding what feels good and what works for us individually is a HUGE part of our spiritual path.

In today's Sacred Sunday conversation, we explore the nature of this unique path and open to some specific ways that you can find what nourishes you and helps to establish a deeper connection to Self.

Join me in this exploration...


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