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Terms & Conditions

All products, sessions, programs, courses & content created by Jade Ferriere are subject to copyright & shall not be shared or reproduced without permission.

These T&Cs are to ensure that the Mentor (Jade Ferriere) & Client (anyone who purchases any of Jade Ferriere or Daily Alchemy's services) create & sustain a sacred container throughout their relationship together in an exchange of Mentor's services to Client.

Please note: the best results occur through your full participation and ongoing commitment to your journey. The purpose of these Terms & Conditions are to establish a foundation of our work together that best serves all concerned. Participation in sessions, group programs, course material, and any purchased services requires a commitment from both the Mentor and the Client.


I make a BIG commitment to my clients and I ask the same in return.


The following agreements will create a strong container for our work together & ensure you feel fully supported by me as Mentor and that I feel fully respected by you as Client.


+   I intend to act authentically and with honesty in everything I do for and with you.

+   I intend to be transparent with my fees. If you would like additional support, beyond our current agreement, please inquire personally for details on the current options for deepening our work together.

+   I intend to make myself available to you with convenience & ease. Outside of our regularly

pre-scheduled sessions, I am available by email.

+   I will respond to emails within 48 hours (often sooner) during the business week (Monday to Friday). If you have a more urgent need for contact or feedback from me, indicate “urgent” in the subject line of your email.

+   Our sessions will be online via Zoom or in- person. If I feel more support is needed in between our pre-arranged sessions, I may suggest extra sessions if I feel they would be beneficial.

+   I intend to provide you the best possible assistance & support by continuing my own development & personal growth through training and coaching as well.

+   I intend to receive your feedback with neutrality for my own growth as a coach and in service to your process. If anything we do together doesn’t work for you or “feel right,” open dialogue will allow us to work through that together.

+   I intend to be clear with my communication, expertise, & offerings; if a situation arises where I perceive the level or kind of support you need exceeds or falls outside of my remit, I will provide alternative resources or suggest a different route to better support your journey that may or may not include my services. If such a need is observed I will bring this forward for discussion and reserve the right to suspend our work until necessary guidance/treatment is received. Where appropriate I may suggest a referral.

+   I commit to honouring your privacy. All information disclosed within our communication & our sessions shall remain strictly confidential unless you choose to share your experience or give a prior permission to be celebrated publicly.


+   You agree to take responsibility for achieving what you want from the sessions, courses, programs, & any material purchased.

+   You agree to hold your time in sessions as sacred and arrive to our sessions present and available.

+   I request that you create a quiet, private, undisturbed space to receive our sessions together & arrive to our sessions on time. This will allow you to remain focused and continue moving in the direction of your goals and desires.

+   You agree to come to your sessions & undertake any practices included in the supporting material with a clear purpose in mind. This will allow you us to come with a clear intention and challenges to work with. Please bring forward questions and issues that you want to be addressed at the beginning of the session or program, so they may be given the proper respect and attention they require.

+   You agree to be open to receiving feedback and experimenting with new practices, methodologies, behaviours and strategies to create the results you want.

+   You agree to only make agreements you are committed to keeping. Putting the effort to create the change you desire, in all aspects of your life, is when transformation becomes real.

+   You respect the structure and timing of each session, in that the last 10 minutes is designed as time to move towards completion and identification of next action steps.

+   You agree to be open, clear and honest with me at all times and inform me immediately of any concerns you may have about our work together. If any aspect of our relationship is undesirable to you bring it to my attention immediately so we can explore other options. This includes your communication of a desire for quicker results as soon as possible so we can make appropriate alterations to our pre-arrangements.

+   You understand that I will communicate with you in a direct, honest way giving clear feedback from a constructive and supportive place. You agree to communicate with the same level of transparency and authenticity with me and take personal responsibility even when challenged. You agree to ask for the support you need in order to stay engaged in this way.

+   You understand that even though I may use email reminders/confirmations, attending your sessions on time as scheduled is your personal responsibility. Should anything be unclear, please ask in advance.

+   You agree to honour your commitment to yourself and my work with you by making arrangements to maintain your scheduled session time. If unusual circumstances arise please be prepared to discuss alternative session times at least one session in advance with the understanding that an ideal alternative may not be available due to my scheduled work with other clients. In the case of a true emergency please contact me as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in forfeit of your session.

+   Payment up front (either in full or 1 instalment of a payment plan) is necessary to obtain or begin any sessions, programs, courses, or products.

+   The cost of any extra sessions or products to support your journey will be at the discretion of the Mentor.

+   If paying in instalments, you agree to paying the agreed amount outlined and cancellation of the plan is not permitted.

+   No refunds will be given on any sessions, programs, courses, mentorships, or products. 

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