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You likely don't need instructions for this, but sometimes it is nice to have a few suggestions for things to explore... so this is a little inspiration for you...

Start lying down: greet your oldest friend, gravity. How do you notice the sensation of weight in your body?

Yield your weight into the ground. What can you let go of that the earth can support you in holding?

Let your body tell you what it wants. It knows exactly what it needs at every moment for rest, recovery, and expression if you take the time to listen. Tune in, rather than tune out.

Let the music inspire you to dance your own dance. Move to the beat or find your rhythm off time, move slow when the beat is fast, or vice versa.

You may even like to hold the enquiry “what wants to move”.

These are just a few ideas to help you get a little creative. It's my hope that they may inspire playfulness, release and rest...or whatever you need the most.

It's time to turn the music up and let your hair down! Here is a growing list of playlists...



I recommend changing your CROSSFADE settings in Spotify to 12 to get a smooth transition between tracks.

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