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Are you seeking a safe space to explore your edges, without needing to talk?

Are you looking for a practice that can help you to get out of your head and into your body?

Are you you curious about all that is moving within you?


Then you have come to the right place.

Open Floor is a lively dance and movement practice that energises the body and opens the mind.

There are no moves to learn. We simply show up and move with whatever is present: our creative minds, our tender hearts, our joys and excitements, our aches and pains. And in the process we discover our own unique dance.

Classes include guided inquiry as well as time to follow your own movement exploration. A diverse compilation of music is played to support you as lean into the wisdom of all that is moving; sometimes that includes insights and healing, and sometimes we simply have a great dance.

As an Open Floor Teacher in Training it is my intention to create a playground for exploring the relational nature of being human: our ever-changing needs for solitude, connection and a sense of community. Where we can learn life skills that serve us on and off the dance floor, helping us to develop a flexibility and resilience that enables us to respond creatively to life.

No experience is required.

The invitation is to come just as you are. 




Open Floor is a dance and movement practice that is suitable for all ability levels. You are never too old to move. We support people to move in a way that accommodates different energy-levels, injuries or physical disabilities (including chairs for moving on).

Open Floor Movement Classes combines free-form movement and guided explorations, set to inspiring and provocative soundscapes.

In every class we make time for personal practice and open dance.

Every class begins with a warmup where we take time to tend to the needs of our bodies: warming and stretching our muscles and breathing our way into motion. Each class focuses on a particular theme. Often this is a movement skill that serves us as a resource both on and off the dance floor. Examples include: grounding, centring, releasing, activating, settling, moving towards and away... We also focus on particular parts of the body as entry points into our dance.

This is a non-verbal practice where we communicate through our bodies. You have freedom to seek solitude or connection. The classes usually end with a gentle settling phase so we have time to rest and integrate.


◇ A water bottle to stay hydrated.

◇ Layers to keep warm.

◇ A journal and pen if you feel called.

◇ An open heart, a sense of curiosity and a willingness to share & connect with others.


Thanks for submitting!


I'm here to help. 

Send me a quick message.


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