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Blessed with the intention to support a journey of transformation and well-being this gorgeous collection of wellness products are currently shipped within New Zealand and Australia.



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Wellness Products

From my Hands & Heart
to Yours

I started mixing and brewing my own herbal concoctions from a young age, and unlike other teens whose bookshelves were filled with fanciful fiction stories, mine was overflowing with colourful guides to plant medicine, aromatherapy, anatomy, and physiology. My 20's were a decade of formal study and self-taught experimentation in alternative therapies that lead me around the world and guided me to New Zealand where I have spent the last 7 years living off-the-grid, connecting with Nature and being totally self-reliant. Hence my love for everything handmade!


I am fortunate to live on a spacious bush block in the Coromandel Ranges. Here I design, blend, package and ship products from my home Apothecary surrounded by orchards and herb gardens. My unique blends are made intuitively using the best, most ethically produced ingredients available. I stand by my values and feel devoted to creating wholesome, natural, and sustainable products, that are good for you and our planet.

Eco Friendly
More than just a range of hand crafted products, it is my intention to infuse life with a sense of sacred, spiritual and infinite well-being, so each product is an invitation for you to transform your routines into rituals and submerse into loving self care.
Friendly to the Environment
  • Avoiding harsh chemicals that pollute the land, air and sea.

  • Sourcing ethically sustainable ingredients rather than depleting limited resources.

  • Using sustainable energy to manufacture and develop.

  • Protecting our animal kingdom from the abuse of product testing and the demand of their natural bi-products.

  • Reducing carbon foot-prints by sourcing ingredients locally.

  • Providing biodegradable solutions for off-the-grid living and grey water systems.

  • Communing and co-creating with Mother Nature to design and develop natural wellness products.


"The products look great! So beautifully packaged. I have tried the moon ritual pack and it is lovely. I want to buy one for everyone I know! I forgot how nice it could be to spend some time in the bath.

Thank you"

Natalie ~ Lover, Mother, Dreamer

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