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Ritual Toolbox - Deepen Your Sacred Self-Care


Coming home to your Sacred Self is all about taking action in alignment with your true nature - and yes, that includes having a transformational self-care practice. Beyond bubble baths and affirmations (don't get me wrong I love both) this journey of inner work requires a deeper commitment to your relationship with Self. One where you prioritise feeling, learning and being in your body over some of the more superficial ways of nurturing yourSelf, like pedicures, manicures and shopping sprees. If you are ready to take one step closer to a simple, yet robust self-care practice that meets you and your energy levels where you are at. Hooray! Get Started NOW for only $17! It includes a library of pick and mix practices that you can weave together to meet yourSelf, just as you are: • practices to help you find stillness • movement explorations to help release and re-energise • sound healing to both listen to and sing along with • and a whole section to support you in attuning to your own inner guidance If that is not enough then I have added a few extras… • A conversation to discover how to hold space for your own sacred practice • A guide to creating sacred space (including 3 of my favourite essential oils for setting a ritual mood). • A writing exploration to help you get a new perspective on your fears. This is an introductory price and it won't stay this low for long... so be sure to make the most of this opportunity.

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