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Nothing in the following disclaimer is intended to absolve Daily Alchemy from the requirements of local or national law. Jade Ferriere, in New Zealand, has no formal credentials in the medical or allopathic health field. Daily Alchemy is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Please be aware that similar to any psychological healing technique of spiritual practice, using Daily Alchemy processes can lead to the surfacing of unresolved traumatic material. This can potentially cause emotional distress. Application of the processes can also lead to altered states of consciousness similar to those reported by experienced meditation practitioners and others pursuing advanced spiritual practices. Before using these processes it is wise to consult a medical professional.

If you have a history of mental illness, I recommend that you do not use the processes without supervision from a healthcare professional.

While I have seen no significant side effects when facilitating these processes, it is important to account for the unique circumstances of each individual. Therefore, you use these processes at your own risk. This is self-responsibility.

By pursuing any workshop, or one on one holistic therapy utilising the processes, you agree to all of the above.

Please note: I express a number of views through this process concerning religious, spiritual and psychological traditions. These are based on my own experience and interpretation of healing, transformational disciplines and spiritual development. I have found great wisdom in all the traditions that I have explored. I respect all approaches to the path of transformation, healing and spiritual development.

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