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Yoga provides a pathway for deep self-discovery and transformation from the inside out. It provides practical tools for everyday life so that we can be the best version of ourselves on and off the mat. 


I am passionate about making the ancient science of yoga accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. I have been practicing yoga for 23 years and have experience teaching beginner, intermediate and private classes, preconception and pregnancy yoga, workshops, workplace yoga, meditation, yoga for children, yoga for people experiencing mental health issues, at festivals and for students over 70. Our practice is to explore yoga with humour, playfulness and compassion, to learn more about ourselves, the way and why we do things, if our patterns are serving us and other ways we may approach situations. Then the real magic occurs when we take lessons learnt on the mat into our daily lives.

Jade Ferrire Holistic Terapist




A community of women is one of the most nourishing & enriching pillars of support we can lean into to help cultivate our collective experience and awaken our inner guidance.


I am deeply passionate about facilitating and holding space for inner transformation, both my own and others. A journey steeped in compassion, fierce grace and wisdom, it never ceases to amaze me the depths of our resources when we allow ourselves to surrender with trust, love and ultimate devotion. Though ancient practices of ritual & ceremony, we can tap into our gifts as nurturers and caregivers, we can awaken our feminine mystery, attune to the greater cycles of the universe and infuse life with spiritual essence and reassuring purpose.







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