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Custom Aromatherapy Blends

Are you interested in using essential oils as part of a holisitic approach to healing and well-being?

Looking for something that feeds your soul, balances your emotions and strengthens your mental clarity? 

Want to have your very own signature scent?

I specialise in creating aromatherapy custom blends to match your particular mood or well-being needs. Each blend is carefully hand crafted and blessed with the intention to connect you to your body, your wisdom and your power.

Complete the brief questionnaire to paint a picture about what is going on in your life and your scent preferences. This helps me to match up the right 100% pure essential oils and organic carriers to give you the best results.  Not sure what you need or what you want? Schedule a one-on-one session that includes in-depth wellness and holistic therapy as well as your custom aromatherapy blend.  

This form is best viewed on a computer.

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