Journey back to your body, your wisdom, your power.



Your Sacred Self

Ever get the feeling that there's more to life, more to love, more to you?


Or maybe that there’s more to explore, more to step into, more to embrace?



I get it, in fact, I think I can join hands with most of the women in this world who know this feeling all too well. That is why I am taking a stand - it is time to embody our true nature, our Sacred Feminine; to unconditionally love our bodies, to drink the nectar of life through all our senses, & to align ourselves with our inner wisdom, sexuality, & cycles.


To live wildly, unapologetically. 


My passion (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources to help you become familiar with the contents of your soul, to awaken to the precious gifts of power, delight, creativity and that most rare jewel

- your authentic self.

I welcome you on this transformational path that awakens

the heart, body and soul of who we really are as women.

Strengthen and trust your intuition.

Deepen your relationship with yourself.

Discover unconditional love for your body.


Get Inspired

Online Women's Circle

This is a carefully facilitated space where together we explore range of topics that help us to dive into our depths, and explore ways that we can develop personally, live consciously, be more aware and connected. We practice and wholeheartedly encourage conscious communication, acceptance, self-empowerment and self-responsibility. 


If you are a woman who is interested in growing in consciousness and who wants to connect with others who are doing the same, you are warmly welcomed.


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"Without doubt, Jade is the gold-standard in body, mind & soul work. I highly recommend her. No matter what you are seeking, Jade will provide benefit. Trust me. She's the best!"

Kate McEwen

Counsellor, Educator, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher


Enter a sacred space where you can honour the call to awaken and walk a conscious path. Through the art of ritual and meditation you will find the inner strength and power to integrate the many life changes of womanhood. Working with the breath, with movement, with visualisation and guided introspection you can discover ways of nurturing yourself and your deepest potential within a circle of like minded, open hearted women.


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Some of these wonderful opportunities may be new to you. If you have any questions, I'm here to help. Or, if your interested in collaborating I'd love to hear from you!

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