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Do you feel disconnected from what it is you really want?

Do you crave a life that excites you, full of passion & pleasure?


Are you hungry for change but you're not sure what?

Do you want to connect to the wisdom within; your heart, your womb, your cycles, & your sexuality?

Are you tired of saying yes to things you want to say no to?

Do you want to learn how to stand more in your power & harness your feminine forces?

Just so you know, I’ve said yes to all of the above before.

Life is exhausting when you feel disempowered, dis-embodied, unmotivated, lacking clarity, confidence & clear direction... I still have moments like that sometimes, honestly. The thing is, there’s no magic pill to pop - it takes work & conscious effort to create change & transformation, you just need to find the right resources that work for you.


The beauty of living life in harmony with the sacred feminine forces, through flow, pleasure, magnetism, creativity, and sensuality - is that it is empowered living.

In our time together over 3 months, you will gain countless tools for lasting transformation, sacred renewal & deep connection to yourSelf. Everything I share with you continues to be a daily practice for me, or are tools I have learnt through experience & been handed down along my own journey by women before me. 

Holistic Mentoring Program for Women Com



True North

To unravel limiting beliefs & patriarchal programs that are embedded deep within your cells, to create space for new empowered patterns, clarity & direction to manifest with ease.


What to Expect

This holistic therapeutic program is a way of approaching life from a place of curiosity, exploration and discovery. It doesn't assume that the point of frustration is the issue to be solved. It asks questions to uncover the underlying issues and defines the root cause so that positive learning can be instilled, and the rest can be released.


We'll work with a tailored-for-you journey, towards an intimate exploration of what it is you want & how it is you want to feel, including embodiment practices, self-inquiry, movement, breath, meditations, womb wisdom, hypnotherapy, NLP, spiritual guidance counselling & sacred plant medicine, to guide you back towards a deep trust & connection to your body’s innate wisdom, pleasure, feminine essence, sensuality, cycles, your flow, & your creativity.


I will never tell you how to feel and what to say, or ever write you a prescription.


Why? Because that is inherently dis-empowering, and as woman, we already have the answers within - they're just buried under all the layers of conditioning.


That is the way of the feminine = trusting our inner wisdom. Tuning back into our internal compass. Learning how to listen & honour the rhythms within.


The reason for it being a 3 month commitment is that that creates the perfect length of time to anchor in & integrate everything we'll be covering together, as new way of being into your body. It takes time - we have a lot to unravel, explore, & experience. A three-month container gives you time to really see the processes & practices through, de-program & re-program, commit to deep sacred renewal, & create anchored long-lasting change.

This programme is                           for you, if you;


You want to connect to a deeper and richer experience of life and love

You believe a life of Aligned & Empowered living is possible (but not sure how)

You want to learn more about harnessing the power of your fluctuating energy levels.

You want to safely release layers of shame, conditioning, limiting beliefs to open for space for more truth and intuition.

You want to remember your innate power as a woman & connect back to YOU


Saying yes to all the above, or even just a few, means there is so much juicy magic to unfold! I would love love love to support and empower you & journey with you towards transformation - embodying your dreams & truth.

Life is too short to be or do anything less than you know you are capable of. We have a birth right to: happiness, fulfilment, health, love, self-love, deep connection, creativity, pleasure - the list is endless.

An Integrated Approach
Align With Your Inner Guidance

Get back in your body.

Be present with all your senses: taste, touch, sight, hear, smell, intuition.

Embody your values. Know and own your value.

Create a vision that inspires and motivates you to become it.

Cultivate a relationship with the unknown.

Consider everything an experiment.

Recall and reclaim all parts of yourself: your purpose, passion, pleasure, prosperity, sensuality

Know your rhythms. Honour your cycles, and the flow between dynamic creation (feminine) and focused action (masculine).

Connect with your body's natural healing abilities.

Transform Your Well-being

Expand the boundaries of your thinking.

Open to new possibilities and creative solutions.

Release shame, fear, guilt, sadness, hurt, grief, anger.

Let go of old beliefs and patterns.

Expel unwanted habits.

Stop self sabotage and negative self talk.

Release energetic blockages & balance your energy centres.

Empower What Matters

Ask for what you need. Share who you are, your wisdom and insights.

Speak your truth with courage, kindness and compassion.

Trust your inner knowing.

Reclaim joy. Redefine success. Open to wonder.

Ask and you shall receive the answer.

Honour your commitments to yourself. 

Cultivate a daily practice. 

Be humble. Be powerful. Be nimble.

Interconnect with people, plants, animals, earth, universe.

Embrace the adventure of your relationship with Self.

"Jade is intuitive, wise, compassionate, and responsive to the smallest of changes that arise during treatment. She remains fully and authentically present, enabling the client to safely and confidently plumb their depths. It is difficult to put into words, as Jade's aura of wisdom and kindness sets up and environment like no other."

Kate McEwen

Counsellor, Educator, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Feeling the Call?

Openings for this Holisitic Program are coming soon. 

Register your interest and you'll be the first to know when this program goes live. An added bonus for those on the wait-list is a one-off discount

saving $347 - Yesss!!



Places on this program will be limited and may fill before it launches online so be sure to join the wait-list. Naturally, there is no financial commitment at this stage :0)



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