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Journey back to your body, your wisdom, your power.






How to Create a Deep, Personal Connection to the Divine via the Moon and be Guided to your Truth by Aligning with Her Cycles!




This 28 Day Advanced Moon Mystic Journey is an exploration towards understanding how to be pro-active and at the same time, remain open to the flow of life as it presents itself.

Attuning to our natural cyclic nature and living in harmony with the greater forces of the moon will transform how you use your energy and guide you towards a sustainable lifestyle that allows time for creating, exploring, getting things done, resting and releasing.

The wisdom, rituals and guided practices that we will share here will open you to your own truth and inner guidance. They will offer simple, practical tools for deepening your relationship with Self and your unique gifts, whilst nurturing a self-care routine that can sustain you through the busy-ness of life.

Together we will walk a transformation path of awakening to the heart, body and soul of who we truly are, as women.

So, when your ready, let's dive in.

Moon Mystic



Discover how you are repressing your feminine energy and empower a daily practice that can help you get the energy flowing again. 




Which aspects of feminine energy could you, unknowingly, be suppressing?


In this 7 day workshop, we explore the gates of repressed feminine energy. the emotions, feelings of disconnect and self-sabotaging habits that are holding you back from living and honouring your fullness.


As we venture through each of the seven gates, we explore real-world examples and how each one might be affecting and influencing your life. We then journey into a simple but powerful practice that will help to unlock the repressed energy and awaken Divine Shakti.



Coming Soon
Unlocking the 7 Gates



Discover your truth, awaken your intuition and gain countless tools for lasting transformation, sacred renewal & deep connection to yourSelf.





The truth of what you really want isn't always obvious. You might be stuck in a relationship that doesn't make you happy - that doesn't fulfil you. You could be totally disconnected to your body, living from the shoulders up, consuming all the wrong things. You might be trapped in a loop of limiting beliefs, of not-enoughness. You probably know there's another way... but you're not quite sure what.


Together we will re-align with your inner wisdom & your power as a woman, embodied in your sacred feminine and attune to your natural rhythms & cycles within. This is a 3 month journey towards sacred, spiritual, infinite well-being.  An invitation for you to awaken a new, empowering paradigm.

Finding True North
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