Moon Lodges a Series of Workshops to Awaken Deep Truth

We are entering the Age of Aquarius, where women worldwide are stepping into soul purpose and embracing all parts of themselves, emerging from the shadows of the past.

We are being asked to shift our way of being.

From being daughters of patriarchy (and systematic living) to reclaiming our truth as daughters of the earth and daughter's of the circle of life. This series of Moon Lodges invites us to reclaim our bodies as tuning forks, as powerful oracles, as ancient conduits of wisdom. Let’s dive deep into this transformational journey together!

You probably know this, so I may be stating the obvious but it feels important to me that I do.

For thousands of years, we have been made to fit into boxes that constrict our true nature. Stifling our potential.

We learn to bite our tongue and swallow back our truth. We mould ourselves to the "Good Girl" image, eager to please. Forgetting who we really are, afraid to even rub up against our deepest longings for fear of judgement and persecution.

But that's not who we are, really - we're so much more.