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Moon Lodges a Series of Workshops to Awaken Deep Truth

We are entering the Age of Aquarius, where women worldwide are stepping into soul purpose and embracing all parts of themselves, emerging from the shadows of the past.

We are being asked to shift our way of being.

From being daughters of patriarchy (and systematic living) to reclaiming our truth as daughters of the earth and daughter's of the circle of life. This series of Moon Lodges invites us to reclaim our bodies as tuning forks, as powerful oracles, as ancient conduits of wisdom. Let’s dive deep into this transformational journey together!

You probably know this, so I may be stating the obvious but it feels important to me that I do.

For thousands of years, we have been made to fit into boxes that constrict our true nature. Stifling our potential.

We learn to bite our tongue and swallow back our truth. We mould ourselves to the "Good Girl" image, eager to please. Forgetting who we really are, afraid to even rub up against our deepest longings for fear of judgement and persecution.

But that's not who we are, really - we're so much more.

We are wild women who bleed with the cycles of the moon.

We are powerful, intuitive mystics with perceptions that span far beyond intellect.

We are passionate, sensual beings, who deserve to know pleasure.

We are a creative force that can birth ideas and life into this world.

For too long we have been taught to shy away from conversations about our womb, about our bleeding cycles, about our desire for passion, sexual pleasure and creative freedom.

There is so much we can learn from each other when we give ourselves permission to lower our veil. It takes courage to show up and be real, vulnerable and raw; to share our story, and allow ourselves to be witnessed, held and supported. But that is when the healing happens.

In this carefully facilitated space every woman is given the opportunity to express and give voice to their experiences.

  • You will be invited to share your fears, hurts, shame, questions, longings, celebrations…

  • You will be invited to connect in with your body's wisdom, to move, feel, and listen to the guidance within.

  • You will be invited to meet your edge,to harvest the gold within your shadows.

  • You will be invited to co-create sacred space for everyone to feel honoured, respected and seen in their highest Self.

This series of moon lodges are a deep dive into some of the most taboo topics of femininity. Together we will explore the conditioning that has created disempowering experiences of our journey through womanhood.

We will explore the nature and power of our womb and the archetypal roles that empower our journey through womanhood.

The witch, the healer and the medicine woman, our hidden sacred gifts.

The lover and her innate ability to know and express pleasure.

The mother, a gifted carer learning to express unconditional love to herSelf.

The child, returning to innocence and seeing the world with wonder and awe.

The mystic, the unravelling of knowing and embracing of deep embodied wisdom.

The journeyer, an untapped capacity for soul-fulfilling adventure.

It is a collective experience, although I offer to facilitate this sacred exploration, we, together, will co-create a journey through our words and soulful expression. This invitation requires your full commitment to participate, which means being okay with being triggered, curious enough to want to get outside of your comfort zone and willing to be seen in your ‘Allness’.

It is not for everyone and I honour that.

If you are feeling a full-bodied YES or tinglings of curiosity then I encourage you to RSVP. Places in this circle will be limited so that we can create an intimate, trusting connection with each other. I want this space to serve as many women in our community as possible and at the same time need to honour the depth of facilitating this inner work.

If you are feeling the call, join us!

Or if you are not sure, email me and I may be able to help you get clarity.

From one sacred woman to another,

Jade xx


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