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Aromatherapy Blends

Are you interested in using essential oils as part of a holisitic approach to healing and well-being?

Looking for something that feeds your soul, balances your emotions and strengthens your mental clarity? 

Want to have your very own signature scent?

I specialise in creating aromatherapy custom blends to match your particular mood or well-being needs. Each blend is carefully hand crafted and blessed with the intention to connect you to your body, your wisdom and your power.

Click on the link below to complete the brief questionnaire. This paints a picture about what is going on in your life and your scent preferences. This helps me to match up the right 100% pure essential oils and carriers to give you the best results.  Not sure what you need or what you want? Schedule a one-on-one session that includes in-depth wellness and life coaching as well as your custom aromatherapy blend.  

Get Started

The process is simple… Tell me about yourself, choose your application preference, place your order, and voila! I will receive your information, and carefully prepare a custom blend that meets your particular needs. You can choose from an aromatic spray, massage oil or balm, roll-on perfume or a 5ml essential oil concentrate. You will use your blend at least 2-3 times daily and as needed to provide you with some aromatic support.

Each blend is handmade at the time you order to ensure freshness and potency. I keep all customer recipes on file so I can replicate your custom blend, at any time. This makes re-ordering easy and convenient. Keep in mind, since I make everything by hand, occasionally an extra drop may fall into your bottle, hence the scent may be slightly different. It is my philosophy that when this occurs, you were meant to have that extra drop.


The process is simple…


Send me a quick email, catch me up on where things are at for you right now.


Be sure to include any new insights or improvements you have experienced since using the blend and any other things that might have come up while you have been using it. Cover all aspects, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.

This is an opportunity to intuitively refine the blend or otherwise if you are happy simply order another!

I will be in touch  with an invoice that you can pay by credit card or bank transfer, and will ship a bottle to you soon.


Aroma Gifting

It is really helpful to have some context of a persons state of well-being when I blend essential oils. Which can be tricky when it comes to gifting someone a blend. That said, I will do my best with the information you provide to intuitively craft a unique gift that will surely be a pleasant surprise.

Fill out the form with as much details as you can, and I may need to be in touch to ask a few more questions about personality and lifestyle to create a fuller 'scentscape'.





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