Hypnotherapy Demystified - What to Expect and How to Use it to Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Updated: Apr 17

Hypnotherapy has an interesting reputation, that aside it is a powerful tool for re-wiring how you think about yourself, your body, your health and the life you are living.

Hypnotherapy is not a new thing. In fact, it has been around for over 2,000 years. In its earliest days it originated with the Hindus of ancient India, where sick people would be taken into sleeping chambers and hypnosis was used as meditational self observation and as a way of activating the bodies natural healing ability.

Since its first induction, hypnotherapy has had a twisted journey through time. At times famed for its natural approach to healing and on the other end of the spectrum, scrutinised as being a mind altering source of magic that could not be trusted.

Modern day movies have added to its mystifying concepts, with swinging clocks and the trance state being seen a source of brainwashing. As with all alternative health approaches, it has copped its fair share of good and bad reviews. 

Today, hypnotherapy is an accredited form of study, being used to support women in all aspects of their life, especially with health and mental wellness. From empowering the birthing process to helping women overcome eating disorders, fertility issues, obesity, stress and anxiety and insomnia the list of ways that hypnotherapy can be utilised is endless.

In fact, you might be interested to know that hypnotherapy has a 93% SUCCESS RATE WIT