A Guided Visualisation to Help You Find Confidence in Speaking Your Truth

Updated: Apr 18

Access your own inner strengths, stimulate change and support your own natural healing, all from the comfort of your own favourite meditation cushion or sofa. This practice is not only restorative it will help to reinforce confidence in your ability to speak your truth and overcome fears of what other people might think.

We often hear that it’s important to speak our truth — to express our honest feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. But how often do these good intentions create rifts in our relationships? We want to be true to ourselves and live with authenticity and integrity. We don’t want to be co-dependent and conceal our true feelings in order to protect or appease others. Intimacy cannot thrive in an environment of emotional dishonesty and inauthenticity.

However, for many, the foundation for love and connection within a relationship is based around feeling safe. So the question is this: What would it take to be ourselves and speak our truth while also maintaining emotional safety in our important relationships?

Speaking our truth can be refreshingly empowering. It’s a relief to speak our mind without feeling overly responsible for others. But we cross into a danger zone when our self-expression becomes so dominant it cuts us off from how we’re affecting others.

As we gain more experience in knowing and expressing our personal feelings and views, we can learn to do so in a way that creates space for others to do the same. We can develop the skill of going inside ourselves, noticing genuine feelings, and pausing long enough to consider whether it feels right to say something—and then most importantly, how to say it.