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Lion's Gate Activation: An Embodiment Ritual to Open to the Expansiveness of Your Being

This guided self-care ritual is an opportunity to slow down enough to hear yourself. The Lion's Gate is an astrological portal that invites you to step towards your path of awakening consciousness with renewed momentum. To do so you need to stop distracting yourself with busyness. It is time to create space to pause and listen inward...

You have your own inner rhythm, a harmonious cadence that sets the tone for your nervous system to be at ease and effortlessly responsive to life. The overwhelming pace of the world and your own expectations for what you achieve and do each day sets the president for an inner state of urgency.

How often do you find yourself pushing to get it done?

What if you could harness this new moon to turn up the volume on your metronome?

To attune to with a tempo that restores balance and allows you to get things done without the ongoing cycles of burnout?

You are worthy of living slower; of having space, of taking up space. You are worthy of setting your own rhythm and moving in your own time. Let this new moon, and Lion's Gate Activation guide you towards stillness.

Surrender to that place within you where there is space and limitlessness. Let that be where you rest and where you orient your next step from. It takes intentional introspection and not the kind where you go looking for the things that are holding you back.

Empty out.

From this place of stillness, the things that you are grasping, reaching or striving for will fall away. And what may be under the surface of all of that busyness may surprise you.

So relax... Let yourself be still. Let what is truly important rise up from that place of stillness.

Together we meet each fortnight for a LIVE New or Full Moon Embodied Ritual and I would love to share this experience with you. There is also a growing library of shamanic healing resources and sacred self-care practices for you to explore. Come and join us!


Lion's Gate Activation Embodiment Ritual


9:17 - Gentle arrival practice & self check-in

42:50 - Start the Lion's Gate Activation


More about the Energy of the Lion's Gate

On August 8, an annual cosmic alignment known as the Lion’s Gate occurs. Powerful cosmic and spiritual energy come together during this time thanks to Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, aligning perfectly with Orion’s Belt and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Sirius is the star of abundance, creativity, and devotion. When it joins forces with the sun in Leo, for whom the portal is named, the energy to manifest, transform, and bring balance to your life is increased exponentially.

The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, and it, in turn, rules the heart. So, when the sun in Leo aligns with Sirius, the star of devotion, it opens the door to intense love and the awakening of the Divine. The time of the Lion’s Gate Portal is a chance to recognize your personal power and to allow it to start growing.

Although it is an auspicious time to embark on this ritual, the journey of opening to our expansiveness is one that we can do at any time, especially on a New Moon. I invite you to explore this experience no matter the time of year, and make a date with yourSelf to revisit it again for August the 8th!

With love,


P.S Our collective insights are a powerful way for us to remember our true nature, I would love it if you would leave a comment or like this video on youtube, as well as being a supportive way to help these resources reach more women, it is a empowering way for us to tap into our shared wisdom. ❤


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