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Mercury Retrograde creating chaos or mystical energy? You have the power to choose!

There is a lot of stigma about Mercury going retrograde and generally a long list of things to avoid when it comes to communication and big decisions.

Today I want to dive into an exploration that takes us a little deeper into the archetypal energies of this inspiring planet so that we can harness its mystical energy and and better prepare ourselves for the 'chaos' that it is known to create during its three weeks of being stationary.

Pour yourself a cuppa and come and join me for this Sacred Sunday Conversation...


We are going to be diving into a really juicy conversation around Mercury retrograde.

Let me begin by saying astrological interpretation is not my forte. It is however an avid interest of mine, AND it is important for me to name upfront, then I'm not an astrologer.

I'm fascinated by the interplay and influences of the planets and Zodiac in relation to us; as human beings and this whole dynamic path that we are moving on.

Today, I'm offering up an insight into Mercury Retrograde that is really rooted in my own inner exploration and it may be a little different to what you read in other places.

IT IS JUST ONE WAY... and there are many, many ways of interpreting these planetary influences. So I invite you lean into what resonates and let go of the rest...


What is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury is the planet that governs communications, transport and all things digital.

Retrograde refers to when a planet appears to go backwards from our vantage point on Earth. While it is an optical illusion it DOES have an effect on inverts the energy and influence of a planet.

When Mercury is retrograde it can cause delays with travel schedules, confusion in communication, tech glitches and errors in messages and any form of writing, making this a window where it's advisable to:

  • double check travel plans & arrangements

  • back-up data

  • proofread correspondence

  • ask questions before reacting to what people say

  • avoid signing contracts and making major life changing decisions

Mercury is a 'personal' planet that appears to go retrograde when it overtakes us. Because Mercury completes its orbit around the Sun in only 88 days, it goes retrograde 3 - 4 times in a calendar year, for about three weeks at a time. Outer 'generational' shower moving planets have less frequent, but longer-lasting, periods of retrograde motion.

How do we harness the energy of Mercury during it's retrograde seasons?

Mercury retrograde offers us an opportunity to review our communication style and patterns, practice techniques such as assertion and non-violent communication skills and access insight from our higher mind to assist us to better understand ourselves and integrate the multi-facets of our psyche.

The more we take time to go inwards for self-enquiry to become more self-aware, the more we can then expand and grow outwardly when Mercury goes direct.

Mercury retrograde can get a bad wrap. But there are no inherently “bad” times in the sky...just as mid-Winter and new moon have their challenges but reveal how we self-sabotage IF we're willing to face ourselves and review the impact of our choices.


Tapping into the Mystical Nature of Mercury in Retrograde

Today's conversation takes us a little deeper into the wisdom of mercury and how we can transform the chaos of miscommunication into a mystical gift of attunement.

Let's dive in...


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