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Where Are You When You're Not In Your Centre?

We talk a lot about coming home to your center, and this journey home to your sacred self. Today I wanted to open to an exploration about centering and how to move from a place of center, despite whatever life throws at you. For most of us, this idea of coming home to self is fleeting, brief moments of presence amidst an entourage of times where you feel tipped off balance. So where are you when you are not in your centre? ... let us dive deep into this enquiry together!

I have spent years, years, exploring the concept of the seesaw. You may have played on one as a child. Its the balancing beam where one person sits on each end and the seesaw goes up and down - the weight of the other person helps to keep that momentum going.

That's kind of the visual that I had for life.

I felt like for so many years, I was really present and aware of where I was on this spectrum of this tilting moving scale, and there would be moments where I was in my center and I had stability. Just like the seesaw, if you sit in the center of it it doesn't move it doesn't go anywhere. But if you take even the slightest step to one side, the whole thing starts to tilt. One end drops and the other end comes up.

The beauty of this analogy is that it offers a visual representation for the spectrum we are talking about, where there is a range of energies, emotions and experiences that exist outside of our centre. Hopefully that image helps to create a tangible way for you to link into where I'm going with this exploration today.

I really want to explore not only what it means to be in you center, but I want to explore the extreme ends of this spectrum and the dance that we do between the two. And for the most part, as I say this journey of coming home to center is to find our way back to that neutral place we were not as easily tipped off balance, where we are a little more grounded and solid, in our experience of ourselves and of life.

You are welcome to join me, either by watching this video or the listening to the audio track.

This conversation was recorded during one of our Sacred Sunday sessions in my private Facebook group, if you haven't already, I would love to you come along a connect with us in this space.

It is a beautiful circle of like-minded, like-hearted women who are open to deep soul-moving conversations and embodiment practices to help us on our journey home to self.






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