Summer Solstice Ritual to Activate and Celebrate Your Inner Light

Solstice is an invitation to pause and connect with the radiance of this life. During the Summer solstice, the sun is at its most potent. It is the longest day of the year and we are, in many ways, reaching our energetic peak. This auspicious day is a reminder to create a little space to celebrate the light; the light within; the light without and the rich matrix that weaves our light together. Join me for a three-part embodied ritual to remember and celebrate your inner light.

In this modern world, it is easy for many of us to feel loosely bonded to the world's cycles. As many of our duties tend to stay the same through both summer and winter, the equinoxes and solstices may carry little weight.

Yet the seasons do shift, daylight waxes, and wanes, and, sometimes extravagantly and often subtly, nature changes her face.

As we greet the longest day of the year we are reminded of this joyous, eternal cycle of life. We can look to the changing seasons as a way of recognising the deeper meaning within our own lives. Most specifically during the Summer Solstice, our radiance.

Many of us face the quintessential question, why am I here? What is my purpose?

Without undermining the expansiveness of this contemplation, our primary service is our radiance.

What we are.

What we are being.

What we are emanating.

Where we are coming from.

We cannot create anything in this world that vibrates at a frequency other than the frequency at which we ourselves are vibrating.

Heaven is a space to come from, not a space to get to.

The New Earth is a place to come from, not a place to get to.

To create peace, one must first realise peace and be peace within oneself.

To create “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible,” we must first be the Heart.

We must be and radiate the unconditional Love of Source.

We must come from the energy of that more beautiful world.

This is the foundation.

This is what is truly fundamental.

Our primary service is our radiance.

If we wish to assist this world, we must shine our Light evenly upon all beings.

This is the essence of the three-part embodiment ritual I have created for you to acknowledge the potency of Summer Solstice and this time of illumination in our lives.

To connect to our light.

To shine our light and...

To reflect back, the light in others'.


Summer Solstice Embodied Ritual


We begin with a welcoming ceremony where together we can honour and thank the seen and unseen forces that support us in our lives. To do this we will have a cup of something nourishing to sip on. I suggest that you prepare a herbal or plant-based beverage to include in this process, I personally work with Ceremonial Cacao as my plant medicine.

You may like to consider herbal tea, a smoothie, a cup of coffee, a glass of water with a sprig of mint, a spiced chai, or hot cacao. Anything that is derived from the plant realm and ultimately has little refined products added to it.

The emphasis of this ceremony is to ground, centre, connect with yourSelf and feel the presence of all that holds and sustains you.

Duration: 18 mins


Celebrate your light through free-form movement and soulful expression. Sometimes the idea of inner light is conceptual and therefore we spend a lot of time in our minds, thinking about what that means. This embodiment exploration will invite you to drop down out of your head, into your body where you can feel what it is like to be Light.

Instead of guiding you through this process, I have created a special compilation of music on Spotify. Simply press play and allow yourself to be moved.

Notice even the subtlest of movements.

Trust and be curious.

There is no right or wrong way to explore.

You may like to take your headphones or speakers outdoors. Or clear a space in your house.

You may like to move in time with the music. Or move to your own beat and rhythm.

You may like to dance with another, or dance with the trees, the clouds, the breeze.

Let go of any pretense.

Allow yourself to be lifted, unburdened, lightened.

I suggest changing your settings to increase the crossfade between songs to 12. (click on the settings cog in the top right corner of your spotify screen, scroll down to crossfade)

Duration: 51 mins