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Regenerating Love, Hope & Courage a Guided Visualisation

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand in your light. This guided practice is an invitation to regenerate and renew, to fill your cup with light, love, courage, and resilience so that you can navigate this time of uncertainty with hope and good health. May you shine like gold in these dark times.


This new series of guided visualisation are designed to restore all parts of your mind, body and soul back into perfect harmony and balance. They help remove the negative experiences and emotions that have built up over time that are holding back happiness and good health. Using a holistic approach, these visualisations work on a subconscious level to realign you with the common goal of awakening truth and wholesome well-being.

What your mind sees your body will inevitably follow, eventually, negative feelings and emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, low self-worth, sadness and conflict all affect your physical health. Over time these emotions build up creating entrenched patterns of ‘dis-ease’ within. They can manifest in numerous health issues and affect your overall quality of life on many levels.

These guided visualisation sessions will help you release these negatives feelings and emotions, creating complete unity between your mind and body. In doing so you may experience benefits that extend far beyond what you ever thought was possible. The innate healing forces of your subconscious is capable of so much… the only thing stopping it most of the time is you. Using these recordings will help you knock down internal barriers and create a new platform for making powerful changes at a deeper level to many aspects of your life.

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Regenerating Love, Hope & Courage a Deep Relaxation Practice

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