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Discover the Evolutionary Path to Loving YourSelf Whole

You may likely know that I’m birthing a Women’s Retreat called Loving Yourself Whole

As such, I thought it wise to address the question…

What is Loving Yourself Whole?

To be honest, I had no idea that this question would awaken and reveal so much about where I am in life and all that I am being called to offer in service to our common-unity.

Most importantly. I was enlivened by the possibility, the pure potential of what our lives, (yes your life and mine) can be like if we were take take self improvement off the pedestal and replace it with self-acceptance, initiation, and awakening.

If you have a moment, I would love to share the clarity that I received.

What is Loving Yourself Whole?

On one level, Loving YourSelf Whole refers to the opening of the spiritual heart center—i.e. the anahata chakra of compassion and love…

Yet most fundamentally, for me, Loving Yourself Whole refers to the heart of self realisation.

It refers to the integration of all of the fragmented parts of ourselves and coming to rest in the Changeless, Unbreakable Innocence that is at our very core.

It refers to the truth of what we are.

In my view, no matter what we do, no matter where life takes us, our Sacred Self does not change.

It remains forever unstained, unblemished.

It is pure, mysterious Love.

Loving Yourself Whole is about opening to that Sacred Self within.

It is about learning to speak from that place.

And learning to listen from that place.

With a deep, full Presence.

It is about getting raw, real, and deeply vulnerable…

And in doing so, allowing our most tender parts to be seen and held in the light of that Innate Innocence.

Heart Medicine

Honesty and Love play an integral part and are incredibly powerful medicines.

They help us see ourselves clearly.

They help us bring radical acceptance into the darkest corners of our being.

They help us relax into who we already are.

They help us remember that we are already whole.

From that space of already-wholeness and deep self-acceptance…

We naturally begin to blossom into more honest, artful, compassionate embodiments of ourselves.

It is important that I state that this work is not about fixating on becoming something ‘new.’

It’s about loving life and ourselves exactly as we are, in this moment…

And letting that be an end in itself.

It’s about embracing our messy, painful, perfectly-imperfect humanity…

And learning to hold it with trust and loving presence, through life’s inevitable peaks and valleys.

It’s about coming home, more and more fully, to rest in the silent stillness of your Sacred Self.

Feeling and knowing the essential, mysterious, changeless perfection that is who you are, right Now.

Perhaps this journey is familiar to you? It may be a path you have been walking for a long time, or perhaps it is one you have only just stepped on to.

Either way, it is inspiring isn’t it??

I feel like this is what is possible if we can take perfection and self-improvement off the pedestal and turn towards self-acceptance, initiation, and awakening.

I have also realised that by answering the question, what is Loving Yourself Whole, I have inevitably defined my ‘work’ or soul calling.

To create safe spaces for this kind of evolutionary relationship with Self.

If you have not wandered with me before I can definitely say that the Loving Yourself Whole Women’s Retreat is going to be the whole package.

Some of the best resources I have learned in 20+ years of integrated somatic work and holistic healing.

Coupled with the serene, curative energies of Mana Retreat Centre.

A nourishing two day retreat that will meet you, just as you are.

If this resonates with you, you may feel called to to reserve your place or reach out with any questions you may have.

Or if you can’t be with us in person but are feeling a strong inspiration to experience this work in a much deeper way. Then I invite you to get in touch and we can talk about Inner Alchemy. A one on one sacred space (both online or in-person) that nurtures and inspires your rite of passage into self acceptance.

I am prepared to meet you wherever you are along your path to support this work, and as a fellow traveler walking this unknown road, I wish you wonder, joy and grace along the way.

With love,

Jade xx


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