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Focus on What You Want Not on What You Fear - Releasing Anxiety Guided Visualisation

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Are fear, doubt, and worry plaguing your ability to live your fullest potential? Anxiety is more common than you can imagine and it has an overwhelming way of derailing your motivation and self-esteem. This guided therapeutic visualisation empowers your ability to reset your thoughts and instil a sense of whole-body calmness that you can return to time and time again.

With the increasing demands of our busy world, we are stepping up to meet a profound level of responsibility. We are choosing to do it all; run businesses, have successful careers, be mothers, lovers, wives, carers, inventors & creators - we are everything to everyone - and with all of that responsibility, it is all too easy to fall victim to overwhelm and anxious thinking.

Anxiety is a relatively normal response to stress, but when it becomes hard to control and it affects your day-to-day life it can be disabling.

Rooted in thoughts of the future, anxiety takes its toll on life through changes in your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, physicality and nervous system responses. For those who have never experienced it, it is all well and good to say 'stop worrying, its all in your head' but the programming of an anxious mind has the ability to imprint your autonomic nervous system in a way that continues to stimulate your body into fight, flight and freeze response.

This trauma pattern will continue to reinforce itself every time it is run by the mind. Hence why it is so important that you restore a sense of calmness within the body to allow the nervous system an opportunity to reset.

Whether you are experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety, or you are caught up in a racing mind then this therapeutic session will help to support you in retraining your subconscious mind to be more calm and relaxed. Instead on focusing on the fear, doubt and worry, this guided visualisation will empower your ability to choose a more helpful way of looking at the situation.

Please note this is not a cure or treatment for anxiety. It is a way of supporting you with the discomfort and dis-ease that you are experiencing in your current state of mind.


Anxiety Release a Guided Visualisation to Focus on What You Want Not on What You Fear

This new series of guided visualisation are designed to restore all parts of your mind, body and soul back into perfect harmony and balance. They help remove the negative experiences and emotions that have built up over time that are holding back happiness and good health. Using a holistic approach, these visualisations work on a subconscious level to realign you with the common goal of awakening truth and wholesome well-being.

What your mind sees your body will inevitably follow, eventually, negative feelings and emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, low self-worth, sadness and conflict all affect your physical health. Over time these emotions build up creating entrenched patterns of ‘dis-ease’ within. They can manifest in numerous health issues and affect your overall quality of life on many levels.

These guided visualisation sessions will help you release these negatives feelings and emotions, creating complete unity between your mind and body. In doing so you may experience benefits that extend far beyond what you ever thought was possible. The innate healing forces of your subconscious is capable of so much… the only thing stopping it most of the time is you. Using these recordings will help you knock down internal barriers and create a new platform for making powerful changes at a deeper level to many aspects of your life.

Interested in learning more about the science of the mind-body connection and how your thoughts are affecting your health and well-being? Click here to learn more >

Take a journey with me into a state of deep relaxation where together we can open to the natural healing abilities of your body and tap into a source of inner calm that can reset anxious thought patterns.

I recommend creating a space where you lay or sit comfortably, without interruption for about 30 mins. This recording and the experience is best when listened to with headphones.

Get started - plug your headphones in and press play!


Would you love to learn more about this holistic approach to mental health?

Check out my post Hypnotherapy Demystified - What to Expect and How to Use it to Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit to discover how these deeplying relaxing visualisations hold so much power.


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